Anyone for cricket?

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It’s been so long since my last blog but, hey, I’ve got a great excuse. Actually, I’ve got several. The first was the small matter of the summer hols, during which my own children exposed me as a shameless liar –. We’d spent months telling the boys that we were heading to Egypt for our two-week break – then revealed the truth at the departure gate. We were, in fact, heading to Orlando. Thankfully, the lies were quickly forgiven.

We had a fabulous time but despite the fact we landed back at Gatwick in mid-August, I’m not sure my feet have really touched the ground since.

I’ve been incredibly busy with work and now, before I’ve even had a chance to edit the hundreds of holiday snaps and four hours of video footage, it seems we’re hurtling headlong towards Christmas. Not great news for those of us who are in denial about how fast the festivities are approaching, but a fabulous chance for me to remind you all that we can’t have Christmas until we’ve had I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! And that gives me a great chance to shamelessly plug the revoltingly irresistible goodies offered by fellow Kent company, Bush Grub – a fabulous family-run company and a new client of mine.

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Anyone for cricket? A salt and vinegar one, that is….